Hello and welcome to our blog.… Lamb Club Canada is a Kiwi-Canuck Collaboration; a tight knit group of lamb producers, processors and purveyors who are focused on the art, science and design of cool lamb products for North America.
Here at Lamb Club we are fanatical about our lamb and we believe you deserve to know everything we know. Our blog is the place to get your hands on some great recipes and tips, for preparing and grilling your lamb as well as all our latest information on events, promotions and latest news.
Whether you are cranking up the BBQ for just two or if you’re out to impress a group of friends, we can provide you with delicious lamb cut perfect for the Grill as well as all the tips on how to cook it right.
We love to hear from our fellow Lamb Aficionados, so please get in touch with any recipes, feedback or questions.